Aussie Larrikin Podcast

Ep.1 The ramble


Tom and Chris Introduce the Podcast in a 40min ramble


Ep.2 The ramble continues with Tom and Chris

This shows topic is technology and has it gone to far.


Ep.3 The Dropbear menace

This show we talk about camping in the great Australian bush and what to look out for.


Ep.4 The Larrikin’s guide to the moon landings

Tom brings in Jack the science guy to talk about the moon landing, was it real or was it fake?


Ep.5 Anzac Day

Tom and Chris discuss the history of the ANZAC and what it means.
Great respect and appreciation to the men and women who have served us over the century.
Lest we forget


Ep.6 May the 4th be with you.

Ep.6 is all about Star Wars. Chris and Tom are joined by josh to talk about all the Star Wars films to date with a few laughs along the way.


Ep.7 An evening with Tom and Chris

G’day one and all this episode is just a show of Tom and Chris shooting the breeze so to speak, hope you guys enjoy


Ep.8 Our interview with peter Kling

G’day everyone, in this episode we have our very first official guests. We have Barry (skillzz) Clesh a good mate of mine and we have Author, Scientist, Scholar Peter Kling.
Author of “Letters to Earth”


Ep.9 A crazy late night on games.

Episode 9 is all about games. Tom & Chris joined by Josh once more talk about all the games they grew up on and all the games we play today. warning due to being recorded in the early hours of the morning we have no filter….. especially Tom


Ep.10 How did he survive that?

Episode 10 Tom and Chris talk about how in movies no one ever runs out of ammo and how things that should have killed a character didn’t. Also as usual we will go off topic


Ep.11 Politically incorrect

Tom and Chris joined by Katie and Darrell discuss political correctness…. and starwars



Ep12 Larrikins Reminisce

Tom and Chris reminisce on the cartoons they grew up.

Special thanks to Barry Cooney for giving us all his music to use.

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Ep.13 Larrikins on advertisement

Tom and Chris talk about advertisement and people are constantly bombarded by it


Ep.14 Larrikins on the Gun Amnesty and Gun Control


Tom and Chris Talk about the current gun amnesty and gun control



Ep.15 What annoys a larrikin?

Tom, Chris and josh talk about the  little things that annoy/aggravate them.


Ep.16 Larrikins shot the breeze with Jesse on independence day

Independence day special with Jesse from America as well as my usual entourage of Chris and josh


Ep.17 The Final Score

Episode 17 Tom, Josh and Chris  discuss the use of music in film and how it either fits, improves or is out of place in film.


Ep.18 Destination Farked

Episode 18 Tom, Chris and josh talk about the Darwin awards and how stupid people can be.


Ep. 19 Winter Is Coming… And so are the Larrikins

Chris, Tom and Josh Talk about the hit TV series Game Of Thrones seasons 1-6 (plus hints at season 7) By HBO. We hope you enjoy


Ep.20 Catching up with Tom and Chris


Tom and Chris hang out and just talk about whats been going on lately.